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Denagard® (tiamulin hydrogen fumarate)

Quick, Effective Control

Denagard® (tiamulin hydrogen fumarate) is a proven, highly effective antibiotic for the control and treatment of the most common swine diseases. Using Denagard is a proactive health management approach that can lead to improved performance and overall better health throughout the lifecycle. Denagard:

  • Controls both enteric and respiratory diseases when used with chlortetracycline (CTC)
  • Can deliver effective ileitis control
  • Is a powerful, proven tool for swine dysentery management
  • Provides respiratory and enteric treatment with its fast-acting liquid concentrate (LC)
  • Treats both swine dysentery and respiratory diseases (with CTC and LC)

*Brumm MC, Yeske P, Loula TJ. Impact of in-feed antibiotic regimens on pig performance and expression of clinical and subclinical diseases. Paper presented at: 2012 AASV Annual Meeting; March 10 – 13; Denver, Colo.

Warning: Observe label withdrawal times. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin. Direct contact with skin or mucous membranes may cause irritation.

Caution: Do not feed undiluted. Do not use in feeds for animals other than swine. The effects of tiamulin on swine reproductive performance, pregnancy and lactation have not been determined. Swine being treated with Denagard (tiamulin hydrogen fumarate) should not have access to feeds containing polyether ionophores (e.g., lasalocid, monensin, narasin, salinomycin and semduramicin) as adverse reactions may occur. If signs of toxicity occur, discontinue use.

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